Frontier School Division

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Frontier School Division is the largest geographical school division in Manitoba, Canada, covering most schools in northern Manitoba. With 41 schools operating across Manitoba, the Frontier School Division provides educational services to a larger geographical area than any other school division in Canada. A unique organization, the Frontier School Division operates schools in small Manitoba communities that are often only accessible by boat, air (float plane), rail, or winter ice road.

The widespread geography has necessitated that this single school division be sub-divided into five "areas", with the main division office located in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Located at the Frontier Collegiate Institute campus is the Frontier Collegiate Residence, where high school students from around Area Four and isolated communities that do not have student populations to warrant the operation of a high school program are housed in dormitories so that they may complete their secondary schooling.

School Community Area Area office
Brochet School Brochet 1 Thompson, Manitoba
D.R. Hamilton School Cross Lake 1 Thompson, Manitoba
Gillam School Gillam 1 Thompson, Manitoba
Julie Lindal School Ilford 1 Thompson, Manitoba
Leaf Rapids Education Centre Leaf Rapids 1 Thompson, Manitoba
Mary Newell School Granville Lake 1 Thompson, Manitoba
Mel Johnson School Wabowden 1 Thompson, Manitoba
Oscar Blackburn School South Indian Lake 1 Thompson, Manitoba
Pikwitonei School Pikwitonei 1 Thompson, Manitoba
Thicket Portage School Thicket Portage 1 Thompson, Manitoba
West Lynn Heights School Lynn Lake 1 Thompson, Manitoba
Chan Kagha Otina Dakota Wayawa Tipi School Birdtail Sioux First Nation 2 Dauphin, Manitoba
Duck Bay School Duck Bay 2 Dauphin, Manitoba
Grand Rapids School Grand Rapids 2 Dauphin, Manitoba
Gypsumville School Gypsumville 2 Dauphin, Manitoba
Lakefront School Crane River 2 Dauphin, Manitoba
Mountain View School Barrows 2 Dauphin, Manitoba
Pelican Rapids School Pelican Rapids 2 Dauphin, Manitoba
Peonan Point School St. Martin 2 Dauphin, Manitoba
Philomene Chartrand School Camperville 2 Dauphin, Manitoba
Rorketon School Rorketon 2 Dauphin, Manitoba
Skownan School Skownan First Nation 2 Dauphin, Manitoba
Waterhen School Waterhen 2 Dauphin, Manitoba
Berens River School Berens River 3 Winnipeg, Manitoba
Black River Anishinabe School O'Hanley 3 Winnipeg, Manitoba
Disbrowe School Red Sucker Lake 3 Winnipeg, Manitoba
Duke of Marlborough School Churchill 3 Winnipeg, Manitoba
Falcon Beach School Falcon Beach 3 Winnipeg, Manitoba
Matheson Island School Matheson Island 3 Winnipeg, Manitoba
Ministic School Gods Lake Narrows 3 Winnipeg, Manitoba
Pine Dock School Pine Dock 3 Winnipeg, Manitoba
San Antonio School Bissett 3 Winnipeg, Manitoba
Stevenson Island School Stevenson Island 3 Winnipeg, Manitoba
Wanipigow School Wanipigow 3 Winnipeg, Manitoba
Cold Lake School Sherridon 4 Cranberry Portage
Cormorant Lake School Cormorant 4 Cranberry Portage
Cranberry Portage Elementary School Cranberry Portage 4 Cranberry Portage
Frontier Collegiate Institute Cranberry Portage 4 Cranberry Portage
Frontier Mosakahiken School Moose Lake 4 Cranberry Portage
Joseph H. Kerr School Snow Lake 4 Cranberry Portage
Helen Betty Osborne Ininiw Education Resource Centre Norway House 5 Norway House, Manitoba
Jack River School Norway House 5 Norway House, Manitoba

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Frontier School Division

55°28′41″N 97°36′07″W / 55.478°N 97.602°W / 55.478; -97.602